HBOT remains at the centre of an extensive array of therapies available in the Tayside MS Therapy Centre. There is great pride taken in the fact that members are offered local access to a wide choice of support, allowing them the opportunity to manage their symptoms. This choice is very important as MS and its effects vary widely from person to person. Read on.
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Hyperbaric Oxygen

HBO treatment involves breathing oxygen through a mask while sitting in a pressurised chamber. This allows higher than normal concentrations of oxygen to be dissolved in the blood than is possible at atmospheric pressure. Today the technique is being employed by professional sport to ensure the fastest possible recovery by expensive sports stars sidelined through injury.

The widespread and growing use of HBO confirm it to be a very safe treatment at the pressures we use. Since 1982 Dundee pioneered the use in the UK of HBO to combat the symptoms of MS, we complete thousands of therapy sessions all in complete safety. While there are many accounts of a variety of neurological functions improving or being stabilised by the HBO treatment of MS it has been in bladder function that positive results have been most frequently described by members.

Perhaps the strongest testimony to the success of the therapy is shown by the fact that there are now 60 privately funded Treatment Centres in operation across the UK based on the original Dundee model and the on-going favourable reports of patients.


The physiotherapy services we provide are much appreciated and in great demand. Physiotherapy is no luxury, but it is vital if the body is to compensate for certain debilities and to prevent already weak muscles from getting even worse. We can offer exercise programmes tailored to suit individual needs giving emphasis to what people can do on their own without even crossing their own doorstep. Specific treatments to help reduce/prevent restriction of movement due to tense or shortened tissues and to relieve the aches and pains which can arise from muscle strain and tension. Instruction for carers in simple procedures that can be done at home.


Can swimming help M.S.? Emphatically yes, almost everyone will find some benefit. Water allows the body to exercise while supporting most of its weight, stimulates the circulation and thus the function of the body's other organs, keeps muscles toned, helps to relax stiffness, gives relief from long hours of sitting and allows exercise of specific areas. Socially it is a pleasant evening out amongst friends. Is it possible for me to swim? Yes, almost certainly. In Dundee we are lucky to have the exclusive use, one evening a week, of Kingspark School's pool. This shallow, warm pool and changing facilities have been custom built with the disabled in mind. It is equipped with a range of buoyancy aids and facilities to get disabled people easily and safely in and out of the water. A fully qualified Lifeguard is in attendance at sessions.

The self-help options available at the Tayside MS Therapy Centre are complimented by input from professionals with informed advice on the benefits possible from each option. The success of this holistic approach is shown by the fact that since opening in 1982 the membership of Tayside MS Therapy Centre continues to increase resulting in the need to extend the premises in 2000.


Sessions are usually on a Monday afternoon and led by a qualified Yoga instructor. There is a minimal donation at present of £2 for people with M.S and £4 if non M.S Please telephone 01282 566283 for details.


Reflexology is available on alternate Saturday mornings from Margaret Ross our qualified reflexologist, with the first four sessions provided free of charge to enable you to evaluate the benefits. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes and are very relaxing. Please telephone for more details.


We also provide a chiropody service, Phil Dryden. Phil is a qualified chiropodist and willing to avail members of this service. Remember our feet are one of the most used parts of our bodies and just like a car, they occasionally need to be serviced to keep them in good “running” (or walking) order. So if it’s about time that your feet were given an MOT, phone the Unit and make an appointment with Phil Dryden who will put a “spring back in your step”. He can be contacted direct at the unit Mondays 4.30 - 8.00pm.


Liz Jenkins, our qualified Aromatherapist, provides aromatherapy three days per week by appointment. This is a very popular service, the cost of which is subsidised by the Centre.

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