HBOT remains at the centre of an extensive array of therapies available in the Tayside MS Therapy Centre. There is great pride taken in the fact that members are offered local access to a wide choice of support, allowing them the opportunity to manage their symptoms. This choice is very important as MS and its effects vary widely from person to person. Read on.
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Check out some recent testimonials

Please read the following testimonials from our centre patients, past and present; and see how they have enjoyed their time with us.

Laura Si Fletcher.

I`ve used the hyperbaric oxygen chamber (HBOC) at the Tayside MS Therapy Centre for over a year. The treatment has helped me enormously. All of the staff and volunteers could not be more helpful and are really supportive. I could not recommend it enough!

Moncur Trust

Tayside MS Therapy would like to thank the Moncur Trust, for their incredibly generous donation of 5000. Their commitment to the preparation and organisation to the fundraising project has to be commended. As a self funded charity we rely heavily on donations from people such as the Moncur Trust

Marjorie and Eric McPherson

Tayside MS Therapy would like to thank Marjorie and Eric McPherson, for their extremely generous donation of 1500. We would like to applaud the commitment of both Marjorie and Eric for their continued support and hard work in order to raise crucial funds which help greatly to the running costs of t

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